Horse Public Liability Insurance

Find out why horse owners and riders need third party cover and why it’s Harry Hall’s mission to make horse ownership more affordable.

Public liability insurance for horse riders is widely recommended. Regardless of how well you know the roads and riding route, or how responsible you are as a horse owner, you still never know what could happen.

What can you claim for?

Examples of claims made under an equine public liability insurance policy

  • A horse damaging a vehicle
  • An individual sustaining an injury while you’re riding your horse
  • A horse injuring another horse or rider
  • A horse causing an accident after escaping the boundaries of the property

What is horse public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance protects you should an incident occur with your horse, which results in an injury to a third party or causes damage to their property. Should a member of the public make a successful claim against you, the policy would pay any damages awarded should you be found legally liable.

Do you need public liability insurance?

It is recommended by many industry professionals that you do, as your own assets could be at risk. As a rider, it’s your responsibility to be mindful of those around you, like you would if you were driving a vehicle.

We understand the challenges faced when taking your horse out onto public roads and riding routes. This is why Harry Hall One Club Membership includes public liability cover which extends to cover the legal costs incurred by defending an action brought against you by a third party. As a rider, you must be more aware of your surroundings and the general public. You can never be too sure of how your horse will react in certain circumstances, particularly if it’s frightened. Also, never assume that drivers and pedestrians will be respectful and attentive to you and your horse.

Due to the recent changes in UK law, the cost of liability claims has increased over the last few years. This means it’s more critical and crucial to have public liability cover. Without public liability insurance, your assets and reputation as a rider could be at risk should you be found liable for an incident involving your horse.

Public liability horse rider insurance is recommended if you’re riding someone else’s horse, whether it’s a friend’s or you’re loaning a horse. An accident can still happen, and you want to make sure that you, the rider, is still covered should you injure a member of the public. Never assume that you’ll be covered by the horse’s owner insurance, as it’s you riding the horse, therefore, you may be held responsible.

What is third party insurance for horses and horse riders?

Third party insurance for horses and horse riders provides coverage for any legal liability that may arise from damage or injury caused by your horse or while riding your horse. This type of insurance helps protect you financially if you are found legally liable for causing injury or property damage to someone else as a horse owner, while riding or handling your horse.

Introducing Public Liability Insurance at Harry Hall

When taking out horse rider insurance, it’s worthwhile going with a reputable provider that has experience within the equine industry. It makes seeking advice easier and less stressful when you’re talking directly to someone with specialist knowledge. Fortunately, Harry Hall works with insurers who are able to provide this, which is why horse insurance available on our website is popular and trusted amongst many riders across the UK.

Horse insurance products at Harry Hall are exclusive to our One Club members, however it’s easy to sign-up, affordable and you can rest assured that you’ll have support. Plus, by becoming a One Club member, you’ll receive exclusive discounts and offers on our horse riding clothes and other essential items such as horse rugs, and a year’s free delivery and returns.

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